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You Can Stop Smoking Forever

My Powerful audio & eBook program will teach your mind
to act, think and feel like a non-smoker, easily, naturally.



ThIS Quit Smoking NOW PROGRAM may just be the single most powerful investment that you can make .
It has never been easier to stop smoking. No willpower, No drugs, Nothing more than just read the book
and prepare your mind to STOP, smoking AS you listen to the audio programs.

The specially designed audio program will lull you into a deep hypnotic trance. You will be programmed
with life affirming concepts that your subconscious mind and your body needs, wants and desires.

Special digital effects will reach deep down inside the fertile soil of your subconscious mind
so you to create a rich and fertile environment for your mind and body to

Stop Smoking Forever!

Order Your
Stop Smoking Program
right now while
you're thinking about it.
Stop Smoking now!


Have you really thought about why you should stop smoking? I could list dozens of reasons why smoking does not make sense but we are all different. Your reasons to stop smoking may be much different than someone else's. Listen, I've helped hundreds stop smoking and I hear it all. Here are some of the main reasons people tell me they should quit and are now ready to quit.

1. Cost - most people pay around $5.50 a pack. In New York you'll pay up to $9.50 per pack! (I remember when people swore when the price reached $1.00 that was it!) So the minimal pack a day smoker will save around $125.00 per month.
2. For the Wife - trust me on this one guys. There are lots of men out there that do not smoke, have fresh breath, clean smelling bodies, respectful and calm. (I'll leave it at that)
3. For the Husband - read above but change the the men to women (stopping smoking saves relationships)
4. For the Kids - no brainer. You want to be an example to your kids AND you want to be alive to watch your children flourish right?
5. Social Stigma - it's not cool to smoke anymore. Municipalities across the country are passing No-Smoking laws banning it from public places. Besides, you're an educated soul and recognize your part in creating healthy environments.
6. Corporate Greed - You can keep the money or continue to fund other people's retirement's who know they are selling a product that is addictive and deadly. (the FDA would never accept tobacco in the marketplace today)
7. Health - you want to enjoy life to the fullest! Only a non-smoker can fully and completely enjoy all life has to offer.
8. Freedom - slavery was abolished long ago. You are tired of having a ball and chain around your life in the form or a cigarette. As a non-smoker you can now enjoy life without that insane impulse caused by nicotine that make you want to smoke.
9. Life - life longer. As soon as you stop smoking your life begins to increase! You live longer and it proves to your family and friends that you are considerate, loving and have made a commitment to be around for a long, long time!

Pay attention Now

Very few people can really quit smoking permanently
on their own. (some do for a short time)



Have you ever started a project but didn't have the right tools? You probably gave up out of frustration right? I know I have. Well, here at SleepNow, we have taken all the guesswork out of quitting smoking. We have just 2 tools here that when used properly will help you to quit smoking once and for all. Quitting smoking is easy when you have the right tools you'll agree.

Today, when you buy your Stop Smoking Forever program today, you will have absolutely the only tools you will ever need to quit smoking permanently. It begins with our book Quit Smoking NOW. Read it. If you don't understand it, read it again. Once it makes sense to you then you can listen to the MP3 Stop Smoking Forever.

You see, by the time you finish reading the book, and really understand how incredibly simple it is to stop smoking, then you can "sleep" through the rest of the program and you'll know how easy it is to never smoke again. I have developed this program based on over 20 years work with clients. There is no pressure here. You will determine the exact time to quit smoking. It will take place suddenly when you are not even thinking about it. You will suddenly stop smoking. There are few things in this life that we really a lot of control over. Quitting smoking is one thing you can control to not do any longer.

Once you order the book, read it, and become ready for the audio portion that you can literally "sleep" through, you will have already decided to not smoke any longer. It will be easy for you.

That is why you are here, to find a way to quit smoking that is easy, painless, logical, practical and doable!

Success Program.

"I was skeptical at first. I smoked 2 packs a day for over 30 years. Now I don't. Get the program now before it's too late." Donna
"I smoked over 4 packs a day. In a few short weeks I was a non-smoker. That was 15 years ago." Edward
"My friend stopped smoking with you guys. He told me you could help. Thanks for sticking with me as promised. My husband kisses me alot more, alot!" Annie
"I knew I should stop smoking. When my wife and I talked about it we decided that if we did it together we could make it work. After all, we'd been together 30 years and with 8 grand kids we had something to look forward to. Thank you for helping all of us." Billy
"I stopped smoking after listening to the program. I did not gain any weight." Jan
"Thanks for making it soooo simple!" Cindy
"All I can tell you is that if people follow the program as directed, they will stop smoking. If I can do it, anyone can." Jeff

in the comfort of your own home.

You can Stop Smoking peacefully and easily.

Our Stop Smoking Forever Program
is designed to help you quit smoking forever!
Stopping Smoking really does make a difference
in your life and those around you


Trying just one cigarette may not be so harmless for non-smokers after all, Reuters reports.

Scientists have discovered that a single cigarette has a "sleeper effect" that can increase a person's vulnerability for three years or more to becoming a regular smoker.

"We know that progression from experimenting with one cigarette to being a smoker can take several years," said Jennifer Fidler of University College London.

"But for the first time we've shown that there may be a period of dormancy between trying cigarettes and becoming a regular smoker- a 'sleeper effect' or vulnerability to nicotine addition," she added.

Fidler and her team analyzed the impact of smoking a single cigarette on more than 2,000 children, ages 11 to 16,over five years.

Of the 260 children, who by age 11 had tried one cigarette, 18 percent were regular
smokers by the time they reached 14, but only 7 percent of 11-year-olds who had never smoked had taken up the habit three years later.

An estimated 53.3 million Americans smoke

Over 400,000 will die each year

Over 6 million teenagers smoke

Over 100,000 children under age 13
smoke on a regular basis

Another 4,000 American children
try smoking for the first time EACH DAY!


A recent article stated that in China over

1,000,000 people die each year
from smoking!

Let's Get Real for a Moment

Check out what cigarette smoking does to human tissue, namely lungs, the primary intake port of the most required substance necessary for life...oxygen.

The lungs have only been sectioned in two for viewing and analysis. Normal lungs are red/pink in color, symmetrical in shape, and have an even, uniformly porous texture. If you are a long term smoker, and have been experiencing shortness of breath, coughing spells, lower- or mid-chest pains, your lungs may now be looking somewhat similar to these.

These first two pictures contrast healthy lungs against a cancerous pair. On the left is a fairly normal pair. The large, pink item in the lower center between them is the heart. The areas of the cancerous pair that isn't black, but yellowish gray, is the cancer. The bulbous knobby tissue are tumors.


Clean and healthy or black and dying?
The choice is Yours.

The human body can live for weeks without food;
days without water;
but only a few minutes without oxygen.

By the way, studies have shown that no amount of antioxidant supplements can compensate for this massive free-radical assault. (plastic surgery, exotic skin creams and other very expensive cosmetic approaches can help you look better on the outside, but the inside still ends up like the pictures).

The smoke that is inhaled deep into the lungs deposits tar on the cells that represent the essence of life. It is here that molecules of life-giving oxygen are exchanged for molecules of carbon dioxide. At no other place in your body is there anything closer to a miracle, (except phenomenal sex but smoking decreases the sex drive anyhow) and smokers are gumming it up, covering it and killing tens of thousands of these cells with every puff.



in the comfort of your own home.

You can Stop Smoking peacefully and easily.


You'll receive my eBook Quit Smoking NOW. You will read this before you Stop Smoking. You will know why you are smoking and why stopping is going the be one of the easiest things you'll ever do. You will understand that it just does not make sense any longer. The eBook will help to convince your mind of this.
This is so easy to read a kid can do it. If you have kids, include this in their must-dos!

After you read the above eBook, then you will simply use this very Powerful audio program to Stop Smoking Forever. It's that simple. Can you imagine all the positive benefits you will get from being a non-smoker?

When you order your
Stop Smoking Forever Program

right now,
You Will Also Receive


You'll also receive our powerful Deep Hypnosis Conditioning audio program as an online download that you can burn to a CD or place on your favorite ipod and instantly use it over and over again. This program will help you to zap stress on the spot!
Your mind and body needs to learn how to de-stress naturally.
Our specially designed MP3 will train your mind/body to let go instantly, naturally. ($20 value FREE)

As a non-smoker you will breathe easier, smell better, reduce your risk of an early smoking related disease or death, PLUS your sex life will become more enjoyable, sustainable and full of energy! (PRICELESS)

Extra years of life, priceless.


Our Stop Smoking Forever Program
is designed to help you quit smoking forever!
Stopping Smoking really does make a difference
in your life and those around you



ORDER NOW! Only $29.95 complete

Need more motivation to quit?

1. Go home and look at your children. Even if you never smoke in the house, there is a high probability that you will be depriving them of a parent way too soon. Then because you have been a role model, chances are they will grow up to become smokers themselves.

2. Go to your local hospital. Tell them that you're a smoker and ask to be escorted to the lung cancer and emphysema ward. Walk around for a few minutes and see if you can find happiness, joy and gratitude.

3. Call the hospital mortician and ask if you can be present the next time they are going to perform an autopsy on a heavy smoker. Normal lung tissue is pink and glistening. You will see black, dry and brittle tissue that crumbles onto the white sheet like volcanic ash. So much for the miracle of life.


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