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SleepNow™ Hypnosis Training
SleepNow™ Hypnosis with Don Spencer has been offering hypnosis training since 1991. Little wonder we're one of the world's premier hypnosis resource centers. Because at SleepNow hypnosis, you can learn How to Hypnotize Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere quickly, easily and affordably. Don Spencer makes it fun, interactive and much of what he offers is absolutely FREE. We get you up and running in your hypnotic proficiency for less than the cost of a cheap date.

SleepNow™ Stage Hypnosis Training
Ever wonder why people choose Spencer to provide Stage Hypnosis Training? Don Spencer has the full range of hypnotic experience few if any other hypnotists can offer. Starting off as a clinical hypnotherapist then branching off to opening a Professional Hypnotherapy Training Institute, Spencer once again moved forward to producing the longest running comedy hypnosis show at the time for 320 straight weeks. Now this combined experience comes to you in your stage hypnosis mentoring training.

SleepNow™ Online Hypnosis Certification
With the advent of the internet and today's technology there is no reason not to get your hypnosis training on-line. You can learn hypnosis and get your certification in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost of taking a week or two out of your life, traveling hundreds or thousands of miles and spending a fortune on travel and hotel expenses. You will also feel good knowing you will receive professional hypnosis training from one of the world's leading authorities on the mind sciences.

SleepNow™ Private Hypnosis Consultation
Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a hypnosis consultation in the comfort and privacy of your own home. All you need is a phone or the internet and I will be your on-line digital hypnotist LIVE on Skype or via telephone. Need a visit without the makeup or tie? This is your time, right now.

SleepNow™ Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show
Since you're looking for a professional comedy stage hypnosis show, we offer a one stop booking for your event. If Spencer is not available we can provide you with a stage hypnotist that is professional, affordable and that is recommended by Don Spencer, World's Fastest Hypnotist.

SleepNow™ Hypnosis for Great Sex
Can you really get what you want sexually with hypnosis? Is it possible to have really great sex consistently? Is your sex life in need of a serious make over? HypnoSex is a super sonic hypnosis program that will give you the tools you need to get sex whenever you want, how to have a great love life and how to get rid of rotten relationships. Hypnosis Sex ....... it's what you've been missing.

SleepNow™ Self Hypnosis Programs
Change is easy when you use our audio or video hypnosis programs. We can only the most productive and sought after recordings. Our digital audio program technology is the standard in the industry utilizing whole brain encoding with binaural tonality Hypno-Immersive-Imaging Technology© developed by Don Spencer.

SleepNow™ Hypnosis to Stop Smoking
Stop smoking with hypnosis is EASY! Our elite stop smoking program is simple enough for anyone to use at home. Eliminate cravings, addictions, a bad tobacco habit using our powerful self hypnosis Stop Smoking Program today.

SleepNow™ Hypnosis to Lose Weight
You can lose weight with hypnosis today. Just get our Weight Loss program and read about how easy it is to lose weight and begin using our audio self hypnosis cd's or mp3 digital download and get in shape and stay in shape while you eliminate hunger, cravings, exercise, pills, diets and special drinks. You can lose weight naturally of course.

SleepNow™ Hypnosis to Overcome Insomnia
Sleep like never before. Our Sleep Now audio program will help you overcome restless nights and sleep easily and naturally.

SleepNow™ Hypnosis to Control Your Mind
The best way to control your life is to control your thoughts by controlling your mind. This audio self hypnosis program will teach your mind to obey your will once and for all. By programming your subconscious mind to mind your conscious mind, your life will take on a whole new meaning.

SleepNow™ Hypnosis to Pain Relief
Tired of all the aches and pains? Now you can use self-hypnosis to control and eliminate most pain in your body naturally.

SleepNow™ Alternative Holistic Support
Now you can help eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, addictions and more with the CES Ultra and when used with the Galaxy Light and Sound you are on your way to pure bliss!


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