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I learned practical tools & knowledge for self-improvement I will be able to incorporate this into my psychiatric practice. Spencer's high level of consciousness enables him to field all levels of complexity!" Jim, MD Psychiatrist USA

"The product I purchased from S/N was comprehensive, in-depth, knowledgeable, and generously filled with page after page of hypno-secrets." Steve USA

"Thanks...! I finally viewed the "How to Hypnotize" video and I really liked it. I was very impressed how you explained *why* things happened. I was also amazed about how the Instant Inductions worked. I was taught one, but the ones you
showed were phenomenal."
Bryan, USA

"Spencer, I just wanted to tell you thank you for such a simple approach to a highly misunderstood practice. I found your video easy to follow, easy to watch and easy to apply." Jeffrey, USA

"I know that stage hypnotism isn't really 'magic' but as there have been other hypnotism products reviewed here and some magicians also work as hypnotists I figure this is worth reviewing. Videos on this subject seem few and far between. First of all, let me say that in the field of hypnotism, I believe it's important to be 'well read' on the subject.
This video runs for 1 hour and 40 minutes and it does live up to being an excellent 'How to Hypnotize' video.
If you already own some books, but have not ever actually plucked up the courage to just give it a try, this video will certainly boost your confidence and gives you the chance to see exactly the wording and delivery of four individual inductions and one group induction. Spencer also, quite rightly gives warnings and discusses things you SHOULD NOT do, which is as important as the things you should in my opinion."
Highly recommended, Andy Hurst


"Don's how to hypnotize anyone , anytime, just boosted my confidence through the roof! I use the 3 minute induction in my office most of the time and love it, I've always used some form of the elman . progressive relaxation doesn't get it for me. I use the instant and rapids when doing demos at seminars and workshops, and street hypnosis, they are so impressive and fun.
Thanks for keeping in touch. Looking forward to seeing his new stuff, he's so cool!


Dear Don Spencer,

First of all thank you for the oppertunity to explore and learn more about hypnosis this way.
Yesterday (saturday) I downloaded the How To Hypnotize Online Program from your website. And I started by watching and observing the video and listening to the Maximum Hypnotherapist CD. After doing a little reading in the How To Hypnotize Anyone document I decided to try and practice the 3 minute induction. So, this sunday, my girlfriend was willing to be... well... hypnotized. She wasn't expecting me to actually be hypnotizing her... Oh well... I don't know if I'm amazed because I actually succeeded in doing so or that I'm amazed at how much I learned from your video and documentation in so little time already.
I did the eye catalepsy test and after that the stiff arm test. I didn't want to take it any further than that for the first time so...
After that I told her she'd feel good about herself and awake after the slow count of 5 and she'd have a good night's rest this night, dream pleasant dreams, and wouldn't feel tired in the morning.
There's soooooooo much more for me to learn about hypnosis.
I'm scratching the surface of hypnosis and I hope that with a lot more practice and understanding more about how and why and action and reaction that I could bring something positive to my surroundings by hypnosis.

Just wanted to share this with you.

Thanks and greetings,




3 Minute Induction (Dave Elman Technique)
( it should never take any longer)
The Spencer Rapid Induction

(I mean fast!)

Instant Hypnosis
(I mean now!)
Posthypnotic Suggestions
get a person to respond to your ideas)
Age Regression/Progression
(take a person back or forward in time!)
Nature of Suggestions
(knowing this will make you a power hypnotist)
Nature of the Mind
(the key to understanding hypnosis)
Suggestibility Testing
(this will give you the edge of producing deep hypnosis)

Demonstrating Hypnosis
(a crowd pleaser and ego booster)
Working with Groups
(this will happen and how to control many hypnotized people)

and much more...........


How to Hypnotize Anyone, Anytime.

Spencer's style is lighthearted, fun and easily duplicated.

You will however be given many warnings of a serious nature
and given proper instruction in the correct uses of hypnotism.

A student in one of my classes told me how she used these exact hypnotic methods to help a friend eliminate years of arthritic pain.

Another student shared how he had successfully helped his mother to overcome an anxiety attack that kept her homebound for 20 years!

Then a very close friend of mine lost her wedding ring while in a horrible fight with her husband.
Using my regression techniques they found the ring and she saved a marriage!


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Here's More of What Other's Have to Say...

"I'm glad I saved over $200 on your tape How to Hypnotize. Professional, funny and well thought out. I also wanted you to know that because of your tape and my practice, I will be performing my first group hypnosis session tonight!! I'll let you know! Flavin, Amsterdam

"A beginning to a new life. I am grateful you are the teacher you are. I have learned a wonderful new way to heal myself and I plan to help many multitudes of people do the same." Rox, Housewife USA

"Spencer, I just wanted to tell you thank you for such a simple approach to a highly misunderstood practice. I found your video easy to follow, easy to watch and easy to apply." Jeffrey, USA

"Spencer is a great teacher and very knowledgeable in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I've learned a new career in the self-help, healing profession and I'm developing spiritual qualities. A real awakening!" Anna, Rehab Counselor USA
"Hi, I am R. Echevarria and I made an order last week. First, let me congratulate you for this great video. Spencer doesn't waste any time and he's teaching new concepts and techniques every minute of the video. I am interested in buying the book that Spencer refers to in the video and I would also like to order some material on stage hypnosis. Please send me back information on the stage hypnosis training videos and/or books you have available so I can order everything together." R. Echevarria

"Wow! That's the best. I've been to many workshops on hypnosis before and I must say it is truly a blessing to have such a straight forward approach to hypnosis. Thank you also for being there for me on the phone and e-mail." James, USA

"I never thought I'd be able to practice this in my country. It is still considered a form of witchcraft. After studying your tape Mr. Spencer, I was not only able to duplicate your amazing style of hypnosis, I was also able to share it with local authorities. I believe that the laws will be changed because of you. Thank you so much!" Abid, Saudi Arabia


"My favorite part is watching the lady who is absolutely amazed that the numbers could really disappear from her mind!" Jennifer, USA

"Hello Mr. Spencer. After watching your video I now have confidence to "hypnotize anyone, anytime!" Marsha, France

"Thank you for delivering the goods on your video How to Hypnotize. After spending hundreds of dollars on other tapes, I found yours to be the most fascinating and easiest to understand hypnosis video out there." Vance, Germany

"Excellent! It's exciting to know the powers you have within yourself and what you can do with them to enhance your life & others. The sky's the limit!" Ruby Stevens USA

"Spencer, I hypnotized my first volunteer today! All I can say is "WOW". (You should see how clean my windows are.LOL) William, New Zealand

"Don, I intend for this to be a beginning into a new career and a new life. I enjoyed your carefree attitude, after all, it's just life, right?" Chris, Pizza Manager USA

"Mr. Spencer, it worked. My girlfriend really enjoyed the suggestions I gave her. It was easier than I thought it would be so thanks again. She said thanks also, she thinks." Eric, USA





Hypnotism: Foundations of Beliefs eBook --
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How to Hypnotize Anyone, Anytime

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This video is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Hypnosis is a powerful tool, and when used
correctly can be
a great adjunct to helping man develop his/her potential which is Unlimited in Nature.

How to Hypnotize
Audio C/D

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