Oman Pictures

Hypnotic Adventures

Oman is located at the very southern tip of Saudi Arabia

The Omani people were gracious hosts as were the Indian population. Their culture is ancient and would takes years if not a lifetime to fully understand. I will say that at no time back then did I feel anything but acceptance and of course much curiosity! Being an American it was natural for them to be curious about this person from the other side of the world. I had the opportunity to engage in many long hours of conversation about the Arab life, Islam, Christianity, America, Politics, Religion, Mohammed, Jesus, God, Allah, Cat Stevens... LOL

Muscat where I stayed is one of the hottest cities in the world average summer temp. is 120 degrees!

I spent many afternoons swimming in the beautiful Indian Ocean and Gulf of Oman. I met people I can call friends from Oman, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Pakistan, England, India, Philippines, Kuwait and other great places. I did get a headache from my limitation of only knowing English but even the broken English/Arabic/Baluchi/Indian mixed dialects helped. If I ever go again, I will study!

At the root of humanity I find the need for compassion and cooperation. We may have our differences based upon our personal, demographic and cultural boundaries, but I believe most people everywhere seek fairness and a sense of personal or national identity.

Politics have long been contentious both here and abroad and special interests from wherever they originate have caused pain, separation and suffering since the beginning of time.

Let's all review our collective realities and embark on a planetary goal of mutual sustainable living and worship of the God we understand. Let's do it in the name of peace. Let's put down our weapons and seek peace, freedom and put our money into food, health and children.