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All the great Masters and thought leaders throughout history have one thing in common: they learned how to master the power of their subconscious mind!

Now you can discover how to harness the immense power of your own subconscious mind and use it to transform your life, to mold your future like a piece of clay into the reality you determine.

As you begin to incorporate these 8 Secret Principles into your everyday life you will begin to experience more focus, more peace, more creativity, intuition and even learn to tap into your psychic abilities that are latent in every human being.

Your greatest tool in your Subconscious Mind....  Your greatest gift to yourself and others is to unlock that tool and use it to create positive changes in your life the life of others.

  • Resolve old outdated beliefs that no longer serve a useful purpose.

  • Challenge limited ideas and replace with new, powerful, moving forward affirmations that will propel you into a bright new future!

  • Eliminate bad behaviors and habits.

  • Attract the relationships you really deserve.

  • Become a magnet for success.

The possibilities are endless and you unleash the force within you and become the unlimited human you were designed to be.

When you join today you will also receive absolutely FREE as a gift from me to ensure you are programming your life in a powerful and positive way 3 audio programs designed to do 3 things: 

  1. Teach your mind and body how to relax deeply enough to do the inner work of designing a bright and beautiful destiny.

  2. Open your mind up to the concepts that you live in a matrix and you are the master of this matrix therefore you can change anything you want with your thoughts and the outline provided in the 8 Secret Principles of Self Hypnosis.

  3. Discover how Thought, your Thought is the Creator of your reality. This audio program you'll listen to hundreds of times to inspire you in ways you have not yet imagined!

This is a Zoom Class
$77 per person
You will receive a Zoom link for class upon payment

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