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Hypnosis is one of the most unique forms of entertainment because of the audience participation. 

You will laugh till you cry, and then laugh some more. Imagine watching your best friends becoming lifesize animations
created by 

SPENCER says, Just let go, and have a fantastic time. 

Leave your inhibitions at home. This is playtime at its best with SPENCER allowing people the opportunity to do just that, play and be themselves, without inhibitions or embarrassment.


SPENCER will keep you laughing hysterically with his "co-stars".


SPENCER will provide a cutting edge show, which leaves people feeling fantastic and wanting to come back again. 

SPENCER will design each show to meet the specific needs of the audience from general to mature themes.

SPENCER will keep the fun rolling and provides a unique perspective on the educational value of hypnotism.



SPENCER headlined the longest running weekly comedy hypnosis show ever produced. 

He performed for an amazing 320 straight weeks before circling the planet & hypnotizing over 1,000,000 people worldwide & on international TV programs.


Bangkok Show.JPG

Hypnotic Biography of Don Spencer

Don Spencer first induced hypnosis at the age of 12. His young "girlfriend" at the time was being hypnotized by her father who was in the military. She taught the young Spencer the art of stilling the mind. He would sit quietly with her head on his lap. Rubbing her temples and having her count backwards she quickly entered a deep somnambulistic state! The astonished Spencer gave her directions. The teenage boy likened the experience to an exaggerated Simon Says. 



Don  taught Hypnosis for 4 years at a local community college plus hosted a weekly radio program called the Master Mind Hour. Thousands of people tuned in each week to listen and get hypnotized!  

Spencer never forgot that experience and over the years was drawn to books and classes, movies and people that hovered on the edge of the mysterious. His curiosity led him to formal educational studies in philosophy, psychology, physiology, abnormal behavior and comparative religion. Alternative studies that captivated his attention and lifestyle were shamanism, metaphysics, hypnotism, NLP, kinesiology, and theater.

1986 - Present day.... Spencer began his work as a Hypnotherapist. His most influential teachers at the time were Charles Tebetts, Ormand McGill, Jim Russell, Al Krasner, Gil Boyne and other notables to numerous to mention. He began his associations with the leading certification bodies of the day. 

Don taught at the College of Southern Idaho for 4 years all aspects of hypnosis, wellness classes and alternative realities. 
He developed the Hypnotism Training Institute of Idaho in 1989, Hypnotism Training International in Utah in 1991, the Personal Acheivement Center for private consultations and morphed into SleepNow Productions, Inc. SleepNow went online in 1994 as a leader in hypnosis information and technology. 


After spending over a decade as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, after training over 25,000 people in the art and science of hypnotism/hypnotherapy, after going nucking futs from being a full-time hypnotherapist running 4 highly successful offices in 2 states and 2 schools of hypnotherapy, after amassing an incredible library of over 1,000 books on the mind sciences, after hypnotizing hundreds of thousands of people, (now over 1,000,000 hypnotized) Spencer said enough.


Professional Stage Hypnotist

Don Spencer is considered by his peers and friends to be one of the greatest performers in his profession. Born and raised in L.A., California, Spencer has appeared on MTV Asia, Studio 23, FOX, PlayboyTV, Virgin Radio, Voice of the Caribbean, NBC, ABC, CBS and has been heard on hundreds of radio programs worldwide. Spencer has trained over 25,000 people in hypnotism and has hypnotized over 1,000,000 people worldwide. He travels the USA and abroad giving lectures and seminars creating "Miracles on Demand" with his hypnotic skills.

From 1995 - 2002 Don Spencer produced the longest running weekly hypnosis show in the world at the time for an amazing 320 straight weeks. Spencer then began traveling internationally with his SleepNow™ Comedy Hypnosis Show, Wellness clinics and corporate programs. 

Spencer performed in front of the King of Dubai, the Sheikh and in Australia as the world's first and only Holographic Hypnotist!

SPENCER says...that there is nothing magical or mystical about hypnosis. An individual can be hypnotized without even realizing it. In fact, people slip in and out of hypnosis all day long. Hypnosis is based upon the power of suggestion with the addition of relaxation and concentration.


SPENCER says...that his subjects can be hypnotized in less than one second!

In 2012 Don performed the world's first holographic hypnotist presentation at Her Majesty's Theatre in Sydney, Australia.


Present Time -

Spencer now calls Californai his home once again. He travels with his comedy hypnosis show and provides Seminars and Stage Hypnosis Mentoring.


Don also partners with various leaders in the field of Hypnosis, NLP, Pyschology, Medicine, Holistic Healing, Shamanism and others to provide insightful trainings and productions for future thinking. 


Don is also CEO of, a company dedicated to providing products that provide help to people who realize the power of CBD in one's life.  




SleepNow™ is a registered Trademark. Don't do it. We'll find you.

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