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If You're Ready To Really Let Go And Relax With
Absolutely No Effort, You'll Want To Get.... 

Limina AVS Light & Sound

Advanced Light & Sound Meditation System

I personally use the limina everyday at home to relax and take in new information. The first thing  when traveling is the Limina  I travel extensively and being on the road can take a toll on sleep habits. In the air at 35,000 feet I use the Limina to retrain my brain quickly!

I can relax anywhere when my mind won't turn off naturally. It's healthier and safer than artificial means like pills you might get at the store or by prescription. Turn on, tune in, drop out, naturally!









The Limina is a Powerful & POTENT mental tune-up machine, preferred by professional therapists, because of third generation programming and EASE of OPERATION. Includes over 100 of the best sessions for mental tune-up, relaxation, and energizing. Has super light frames and quality earbuds for a spectacular new experience. The audio and visual effects of this system can be life and health enhancing.

The world's easiest to operate mind machine with sophisticated advanced programming normally found on more expensive systems.

The Limina is a fully functional light and sound machine with emphasis on advanced programming with ease of use.

Use of special self-hypnosis audio programs can enhance any of the Limina programs. Pleasant sounds are much more enjoyable and relaxing than one-note beeps or tones, such as those used by other machines.

Sound and music have been used for centuries in may cultures to elevate consciousness. Drums, chants and environmental sounds like wind and rain all provide strong, mental pictures and associations. With special LiteFrames over your closed eyes and headphones over your ears, you are immersed in colorful geometric patterns and entrancing sounds. The light and sound pulse rate shifts from state to state as the session progresses, brain wave activity will follow the pulse rate of the machine and fall into synch with the changes.



  • Over 100 carefully crafted sessions

  • Easy to use, with LCD display

  • 255 shades of each color

  • Multiple audio waveforms, including sine and pink noise

  • Clean and clear CD-quality audio path

  • Manual frequency control mode covers the full range from delta to gamma

  • As a bonus, the manual control mode allows you to choose your favorite frequency and just focus on that instead of running a session.  Do you want 7.8 Hz?  You’ve got it.  40 Hz?  Right there, if the included gamma sessions are not quite right for you.


  • Meditation aid – learn to access deeply tranquil mind-states

  • Train your focus and sharpen your attention

  • Break undesirable states, like anger

  • Facilitate accelerated learning

  • Access altered states of consciousness

  • Take a power nap at work, school, or home.

By Training Your Brain to Slow Down,

You Can Learn to Relax Instantly

PLUS  Accelerate  the Learning Process

More about Light and Sound


In the 1930s, researchers found that repetitive light stimulation (strobing) caused brain waves to follow and pulse at the same frequency. Actually this effect has been known throughout history. If you have ever watched a campfire, a flickering candle, or the dance of moonlight on the water, you have discovered it yourself. 

Today's mind machines have lights in glasses that pulse at predetermined frequencies, generally from 1 to 40 cycles per second (Hz). You close your eyes and get a strobe effect that can create colors and patterns in your mind, as well as different states of awareness, attention, relaxation, creativity, and receptivity to information.

Does it work? Absolutely. Much research has proven the reality of entrainment and countless reports from happy users testifies to the life-changing results you can expect. Want a quick power nap in the middle of a stressful day or a boost to your productivity? Try our L/S Galaxy for a week or so and you'll become a believer!

Mind machine glasses use LEDs to create a safe cool light strobe effect, turning on and off sharply enough to cause the desired response in the brain.

By varying the phasing between the left and right eyes, we produce a number of results. When the left and right LEDs turn on and off at the same time, a focused state useful for concentrating and analysis results. Pulsing them alternately left and right causes a diffuse awareness, more creative and receptive. In addition, varying the pulsed sound from ear to ear offers six possible modes of stimulation.

The L/S systems have pre-programmed sequences of pulsed lights and sounds that typically start fast, then slow to the target frequency, and speed up at the end to bring you "back" to normal waking consciousness. The entrainment mechanism is both visual and aural. 

Use of special self-hypnosis audio programs can enhance any of your Galaxy programs. Pleasant sounds are much more enjoyable and relaxing than one-note beeps or tones, such as those used by other machines. 

The Limina is so simple you don't really need the instruction booklet. 
Connect, press and let your mind go.
Thousands of satisfied customers who can attest to its effectiveness. 
Simple to operate and sturdy, the Limina does the job.

Order Your Limina Now

Limina Light & Sound
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Limina Light & Sound
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Medical Disclaimer Please Read 

-NOTICE-  Limina is intended for use as a tool for enhancing consciousness, promoting relaxation and personal growth. The product is not intended for use as a medical diagnostic or therapeutic device, and no medical claims of any sort are made for any of the applications or programs.
There are some situations and conditions where use of our products is strongly discouraged. These devices create flickering light, which can cause seizures in persons with photosensitive epilepsy. Our products are not intended for or replacement of additional medical or psychological treatment.


All Electronic Downloads are not returnable nor refundable

All video and audio programs are not returnable nor refundable

All Training programs are not refundable however you can use a missed training for any future trainings

Limina Light & Sound are returnable within 30 days. They must be in excellent condition and subject to a 20% restocking fee. You are liable for any costs in delivery

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