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You want to ensure a fantastic time when you hire a trainer. Spencer has hypnotized over 1,000,000 people worldwide.

He produced the longest running comedy hypnosis show for an outstanding 320 straight weeks.

In 2002 he was hired as the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics Hypnotist.

He performed the world's first Hypnotic Hologram in Sydney, Australia at Her Majesty's Royal Theater.

He performed in front of the Sheik of Dubai. 

His client list reads like a who's who on the world stage. 


When you join Don Spencer you know you will be in for one of the greatest hypnotic events you can imagine.

Spencer will help you transform yourself into a professional stage hypnotist ready for the world!

Stage Hypnosis Power Training


We offer Hypnosis Training from beginning to Advanced Hypnosis Certification Training.

Hypnotic Bootcamp Training

Get down and dirty and get smart with

our Hypnotic Bootcamp! Start your training

off correctly and become unstoppable.


Black Belt of the Mind

After your Hypnotic Bootcamp then you'll want to learn advanced hypnosis techniques

that will quickly get you into someone's reality and help reframe experiences that no longer serve a useful purpose and give positive goal oriented directions.  This is the advanced class in hypnosis that everyone is conversationally in hypnotic language talking about because it is light years in the future training and then comes back to the here and now.

Shaman Retreat


We have been providing hypnosis training since 1991. We began offering multiple trainings however in today's world we have streamlined our classes to provide you the best integrative hypnosis training to prepare you for the real world.



For all your Hypnotic needs STOP NOW and check out what we have to trance your life in a way that you can understand.                                  

We carry the #1 How to Hypnotize DVD             We offer the #1 Gold Standard Professional Stage Hypnosis DVD online download right here, right now!

A complete line of audio Self-Hypnosis  programs that will enhance your life in ways you have yet to discover. . . PLUS you can order a Customized audio hypnosis program just for you!!           


Enjoy our 
 Alternative Health Products include:

The Galaxy Light & Sound Technology

CES - cranial electrical stimulation to reduce anxiety and stress


SleepNow™ is a registered Trademark. Don't do it. We'll find you.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​


"Oh great! I cant believe you guys actually aired me on channel 2 like that. I'll never hear the end of it now, thats gonna follow me all over the place, I'm a model actor, oh well, i thought it was funny and alot of fun, its amazing how you go under like that.... it feels so soothing and totally relaxes your whole body, feels sooo good, tell Spencer I think he is amazing and he does very well. I haven't to the show lately, but plan on attending again in the future. Spencer is the most intelligent and creative entertainer that i know or have seen. Me and all my friends enjoy having him here in SLC. We all hope you prosper and continue on with this family fun show. The lights and sound are incredible! I tell people if you havent been to Spencer then you need to go, it's the greatest comedy show I've been too, its fun, hip, and will accelerate you... ok i think I've blabbed away enough, you're just awesome and all the people helping you... oh by the way I'm the one in the green/ black shirt..." your customer always, Adam


"I watched the show every Saturday for 4+ months and it was always different and entertaining! I would recomend that everyone go to the show, even though I no longer run the sound!!" Scott Butler, former sound technician


"Spencer, I just saw your show and was completely enthralled. I plan to come back again but this time to come up on stage. Thanks for such an entertaining evening. You were better company than my date!"


Spencer,“Your show is so good, I love it. I think you did something to me because I just can't get enough. Thanks for all the laughs and hope to hear from you soon. “


Spencer, “I haven't laughed that hard since I can't remember when.”


Spencer,“Your show really rocks!”


Spencer,"We've been inviting everyone to come to your show!"


Spencer,“I was at your show tonight and it was awesome! See ya next week....”


Spencer, “I have gone to your show for three consecutive weeks now and I love it every time I go.”


"Spencer, after attending your last 2 shows, my friends and I have decided that you need to change your name to Spencer, the World's Sexiest Hypnotist. It was outrageously entertaining and we can't wait for the opportunity to come and "sleep" with you again soon.” Sandy Fan Club


"Suddenly, looking for all the world like a rock star with his long, flowing hair, Spencer appears. The piece de resistance of Spencer's show is when he stands on a person’s stomach whose body is suspended rigidly between two chairs."
Marsha Baker Salt Lake Tribune Feature Writer


“Thank s again Spencer for helping to make this years fair a success. Our attendance level has never been so high. Your show is the best I’ve ever seen!
Davis County Fair


"Hello Spencer, Your show was absolutely fantastic tonight, and I can't wait to show my husband the tape, otherwise he will never believe all the things he did! Thanks for an amazing evening!" Rika Rabenau-Taylor eBay


To Whom It May Concern: "A few weeks ago we had a summer picnic for our company and we were looking for some entertainment that would be appropriate fora diverse audience of all ages. We happened upon Spencer, THE HYPNOTIST. He turned our summer party into a great corporate bonding experience that was fun for everyone. Since the party, we have heard nothing but
positive reviews from our employees. Here are some quotes :
"I laughed until my cheeks hurt.!"
"It was great to see co-workers let their hair down."
"I can't wait to see another show!"
The bottom line is that you've really got to see it to believe it. I would recommend Spencer, THE HYPNOTIST as fun entertainment for any corporate event, family party or other gathering." Mary Adams, 3Com Corporation


“Spencer spellbound the student body when he hypnotized over 40 people on stage. To say the least, this mesmerizing man is the most talked about person on this campus!” Ann Julian Weber State University


“Our company has a Christmas party each December. This last year we decided to have something different and hired a hypnotist by the name of Spencer. Everyone in the audience was absolutely having the best time and continue to talk about it to this day. If you want to have a fabulous experience, call Spencer, I guarantee you will be thoroughly impressed and entertained!”
Susan Taylor, Personnel Mgr. VHPS INC. Book Publishers


“Dear Spencer,
"Once again we are contacting you to perform at our annual Chili Cook-Off. You were a smash last year and the year before and we would like you to return again this year. People here just can’t get enough!"
Holly Walsh Overthrust Chili Cook-Off


Dear Spencer,
“Thank you for your performance at the Alta Industries party. The employees are still talking about it. You were entertaining, energetic, and very funny. We were very happy that we selected you to perform. This is a very important annual event for us with personnel from around the world attending. You made it special. We would definitely recommend you to other groups seeking this type of entertainment.” Robert E. Elkington Vice President, Alta Industries LTD.

SleepNow™ is a registered Trademark. Don't do it. We'll find you.

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