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HERE'S SOME REASONS people tell me they study hypnosis: 

1. Help others (and themselves) change bad habits
2. Help others (and themselves) reduce stress
3. Help others (and themselves) manage pain
4. Understand why people do what they do!
5. So others will not influence you unconsciously
6. To have more self-control
7. To be a better friend, parent, partner
8. Because they didn't teach you these dynamic principles in school
9. To help others with your new knowledge
10. Develop more insight 
11. To understand life more effectively
12. To augment their current profession
13. Has always been an interest
14. Help their children get better grades 
15. To determine if you'd like to go further in your studies 

And the Number 1 Reason People tell me:
"It looks like fun and I can help other people!"

What Other's have said... 

I learned practical tools & knowledge for self-improvement. I will be able to incorporate this into my psychiatric practice. Spencer's high level of consciousness enables him to field all levels of complexity!" Jim, MD Psychiatrist USA

"Excellent! It's exciting to know the powers you have within yourself and what you can do with them to enhance your life & others. The sky's the limit!" Ruby Stevens USA

"I have taken Don Spencer's Foundations class and found it enormously informative, well presented and multi-dimensional. He was at all times accessible and helpful. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to have learned from him, both in the areas of hypnotherapy as well as a comedy stage hypnosis. He's without a doubt one of the best in the field and I highly recommend him." Marsha Starr 

"I've never seen or been around the nicest things that I'm learning about myself. I can now, by your tutoring, be able to help other people. I've learned lots about myself and human beings. As for you Don, I believe you to be the best teacher! I love you! Keep us all going with your good doings. I love this hypnosis and will learn more and more from now on!! You are Power!" Nola Kacalek Postal Clerk

"The class really gave me insights into the patterns that we create within our own minds, and the tools to reshape those patterns into something that works for me!” Debbie Black, Insurance

"Wow!, what a wonderful class! I am now thinking on a much higher level. I am coming to know my inner self. I have loved what I've learned about myself with other members of the class & I love the results. I now know I can change many things about myself & now I know how!" Jenny Gilmore, Bus Driver

"Don Spencer is a very personable and compassionate person who is not only interested in teaching, but also people as individuals. I am so impressed with your work and developed a very deep respect for you as a person and as a therapist. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your class. I feel blessed to have been here and I look forward to sharing with others what I do. You are beautiful and I love you!" Betty Olsen, Poet 

"Your integrity and genuine joy at working and teaching is infectious. I love that you always say, take it all and use it, it's yours! I love your vision." Paul Grace, Actor


Video How to Hypnotize
Complete ebook Coursework
Audio Program to Become a Maximum Hypnotist

Your Exclusive Online Training

also includes the following

In-depth Hypnosis Videos

To Support Your Program



This foundational course is mandatory for everybody. You will learn the basic concepts of hypnosis and learn self-hypnosis for your own confidence. You can break negative bad habits and instill positive and optimistic choices for yourself and others. You will be able to help family and friends with this powerful tool.

Professionals will be able to utilize this course to climb to the next level. You will learn how to make $150 or more per hour as a Certified Hypnotherapist.

This is a "Hands-On" training. You will hypnotize yourself and others many times. Our accelerated presentation style with breakthrough "future-pacing" advanced mind technology will allow you to learn and burn this info into your subconscious mind in this easy 8 week online course!

Learn the powerful hypnosis techniques used by Don Spencer, developed from over 20 years and over 1,000,000 hypnotized people worldwide.

Upon completion of your training, you will be certified by the Hypnotism International to practice hypnosis. You will want to check with your own city, county, state guidelines for specific licensing requirements if any. 


Upon registering, you will receive your lessons within 24 hours via email. You must complete your assignments and return all homework for your final written test for grading. Upon satisfactory completion you will receive your Certificate of Completion and may register as a Certified Master Hypnotist with our organization. 

You may email us with any questions you might have. 

Hypnosis Class Syllabus

1: Introduction and Nature of the Mind 
Here you learn a brief history of hypnosis and the theory of the mind. Learn about the clinical applications and how to provide and control your hypnotic environment to maximize your efforts. You'll also learn about the ethics and responsibilities of of a hypnotist/hypnotherapist.

2: Suggestions and the Hypnotic Pre-talk
Suggestions are very important in the hypnotic session. In fact the very way we look, act and feel is all suggestive. Learn how to use this in your pre talk. The pre-talk is one of the most important aspects of your session. It lays the groundwork and parameters of your time with your client. 

NLP, TA, Gestalt & more
As you learn and implement these into your hypnosis and everyday experiences you'll communicate with others more effectively thereby creating hypnosis states easily 

3: Hypnotic Inductions & Deepening the Trance 
There are as many inductions as there is imagination. Determining which one to use at any given time is the key to a successful session. You will learn my easy methods to create the hypnotic state with Anyone, Anytime. From here you will learn when and how to deepen the trance state. 

4: Hypnotize Yourself & Scripting the Hypnosis Session 
Learning how to hypnotize yourself is a very powerful lesson. Create the changes you want with yourself and your success rate will skyrocket with others. By developing powerful scripts for yourself and your clients you will positively influence the subconscious mind. Study this well from your 8 Secret Principles of Dynamic Living through Self Hypnosis eBook

5: Producing Amnesia, Control Pain & Trance Termination
Amnesia is an important part of any hypnosis session and can be used to block pain in emergencies. By using this tool properly you will help your client achieve greater results each and every time. At some point all session must end and learning to properly terminate the trance session is critical. 

 6: Hypnosis for Stress 
Stress is a catch all word for most anxieties a person faces. Learning how to recognize and manage stress is an important part of your hypnosis practice. Know your capacities and your limitations. 

7: Hypnosis to Stop Smoking & Lose Weight 
The Big 2. Smoking cessation and weight loss are huge fields. They are epidemic and the hypnotist is best suited to help out. Learn what you need to know to be successful in these two areas and become an expert and make huge profits while helping others to achieve their goals. 

8: Your Final Exam
You made it! Now it's time to show off your new skills. You will be required to submit an audio recording which you will have already done. You will receive a written exam to complete as part of your final assignment. 

Congratulations! Awesome job. Upon your successful completion of the written assignment and your audio recording you will wait by your mailbox for your Certified Hypnotist certificate. Your journey now begins!!

Location: Comfort of your own home via the Internet

Dates: Class starts Upon Registration

Length: 6 weeks to complete. You will then be eligible to 
take our Comprehensive Certification Test.

Cost: $297.00 (includes all course material online:
6 Hypnosis Video Programs plus PDF class notes reference files)
NOW ONLY $297.00 

Get Your Special Savings Now As This May Change Anytime

I am ready to become a 
Master of Hypnosis
Register me now for just $297.00

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All coursework is digital download to your computer therefore no refunds once accepted. Thank you and Enjoy!!


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