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The Hypnosis Store

Your Place for a Good Trance

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Start here and learn the fundamentals of Hypnosis!  Discover the power of the mind and how to influence people to do anything!

Once you master the art of hypnosis then you can add to your learning with our other videos.

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As the title implies Don continues to add more depth to hypnosis with individual and group demonstrations that will make perfect sense after y.ou have mastered the fundamentals in How to Hypnotize

Just $25.00 download

More, more, more Hypnosis! The hypnotic fun continues with more hypnotic inductions with more people for more learning!

Just $25.00 download

Join Don in locations around the world performing Street Hypnosis with friends along. Street hypnosis is a blast!

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Now You Can Learn How to Become a Professional Stage Hypnotist with our 17 set DVD series! Imagine learning the powerful secret skills of a Master Hypnotist!

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Imagine your stomach shrinking so you'll feel full faster, losing weight quicker and feeling better every bite of the way!

And all you have to do is listen quietly and allow your subconscious mind to help you!

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There has never been a bettter time to 
Stop Smoking Forever! Our Smoke Free program will help you to become a Clean Air Breather naturally and you'll love the way you feel!  Click here for details!!



Supercharge your relationships by learning 

HypnoSEX!  Everything you ever wanted and just a little bit more! HypnoSEX!!

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Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 4.04.31 PM.png

Read this explosive 1st person account from the writings of a multiple personality! 
This is a true story of how it happened and the discovery of healing through Hypnotherapy with Don Spencer.

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Train your mind and body to relax and learn. Our light and sound program is designed to get you there instantly!
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The only CBD Supplements we recommend that were developed by Don Spencer for his clients so you can Feel Good Again!


All Electronic Downloads are not returnable nor refundable

All video and audio programs are not returnable nor refundable

All Training programs are not refundable however you can use a missed training for any future trainings

Galaxy Light & Sound and CES Ultra are returnable within 30 days. They must be in excellent condition and subject to a 20% restocking fee. You are liable for any costs in delivery

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