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Ultimate Hypnosis Book Collection & Much More

Hello Hypno Friends!

I am retiring the bulk of my Hypnosis book collection from the past 40 years. 

No, I am not retiring. I am keeping a few but as you take a few minutes and begin to scan the titles below I believe you will agree that the collection below is priceless!


The Ultimate Hypnosis Book Collection is for the hypnosis fanaticus who simple wants the best material out there to study hypnosis. 

These books have helped shape my career and given me endless and priceless insights to become a professional hypnotist, hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist and of course a Hypnosis Instructor in all things related to hypnosis!


Just look at the images below! Nothing is left out. From Erickson to NLP, Gestalt,Transactional Analysis, Hypnosis Scripts, Psychology, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Self Hypnosis, Healing, Stage Hypnosis, Motivation, Persuasion,  Metaphysics, Shamanism, Past Lives just for appetizers! 

Dozens of books that support your role learning for over 150 hypnosis leaders that shaped today's hypnotists. 

I can tell you that much of the information you will discover is not even known let alone used by today's hypnotists.


Special Bonus #1:

I am adding my Master Hypnotist Course as well which is a series of Video, Audio lessons.

Special Bonus #2: 

You will also get my Professional Stage Hypnotist course which is 17 DVD download that will help you become the best in the entertainment field as well.

Special Bonus #3:

3  - 1 hour coaching sessions with Don Spencer to help align you to your personal hypnotic goals 

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Books 6.jpg
Books 5.jpg

Absolutely Amazing!!

To purchase the entire collection of books,  videos and audio programs please contact  Don Spencer

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