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Becky Tucker has been dancing the trance for quite some time. She is a great believer in the power of the mind and the potential we all have inside.

In her School of Hypnotic Pleasure Becky will guide you on a journey that will teach your mind and body and to give and receive pleasure.

In a western way Becky has a certain way to get inside your mind where you are completely suggestible and takes you on a journey that is certain to help you effortless change your thoughts about what pleasure means.

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Take a moment and listen to a sample of Buckin Becky's soothing voice before you add all of Becky's recordings to your collection of pleasureable experiences!

Buckin Beckly's School

of Hypnotic Pleasure

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Now you can get Becky's original School of Pleasure

PLUS add her 7 Nightly Hypnotic Pleasure meditations

to really teach you all about relaxing and integrating

pleasure into your everday life.

Becky's soothing voice continues to provide schooling

in only the way that Becky can teach.. You will enjoy

Buckin Becky's

Higher Education School

of Hypnotic Pleasure! 

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Buckin Beckly's

Higher EducationSchool

of Hypnotic Pleasure

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&  get your education

for just $39.95

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