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We Live in Unprecedented Times

Today is Monday July 5th, 2021

With censorship on relevant news at an alltime high I felt the need to have a forum I can share my thoughts on world events.

This is my first post so I hope you find it helpful as I will do my best to bring you information that is unfiltered and breaking news that will help in with what is coming to this world.

Today I read this and it should concern every American and citizen of the world. If true and China and Russia are planning an attack on America we have dark days ahead and yesterday was the time to prepare but start now if you have not...

If we are attacked in the USA then it will be the people of this country on the ground fighting and there should be no division of our people. I encourage you to get your house in order and your heart and realize this is not just physical but a spiritual battle that is coming and you must choose your side wisely.

The covid plandemic as a bio weapon is only the beginning. It will get worse.

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