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January 13, 14, 15, 2023


In the last  couple of years there has been an explosion of interest in the use of  psychedelics to reduce stress, anxiety, depression as well as a catalyst for significant lifechanging insights.


Although many people have used psychedelics recreationally we have come now as a society to reexamine the use of psychedelics in transformational and meaningful work.

Now, because of this, the need for professional education and training in psychedelics is reaching an all time high!

In the USA alone many cities and states have decriminalized psychedelics in favor of treating drug use as a social issue which is more in line with the reality of what we have in front of us.  Much of this is due to the studies led by John Hopkins  University shoing the efficacy of psylicibin of anxiety, depression, addictions as well as personal breakthroughs.

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Over the millinium psychedelics have been left to the realm of the Shaman, the Psychology Professors, hippies, yuppies, explorers of consciousness and of course we must add  the cultural revolution of the 60's when it seemed as if everyone was dropping LSD and using psilocybin (magic mushrooms) to find an alternative reality that had more answers than endless wars and suffering brought on by governments.

Today's popular culture revolves around magic mushrooms (psilocybin) and ayahuasca (DMT)



Your Psychedelic Insighter Training is a 3 day intensive training in which you will learn about diferent psychedelics, their history and uses and how they personally interact with the human experience.  


  • To prepare yourself for the upcoming flood of people seeking psychedelic assisted therapies

  • To better understand how, why and when to use psychedelic assistance

  • Learn the in's and out's of the current laws regarding psychedelic use

  • Once you enter this training you will know from experience how and why plant medicines are so popular and how they work personally

  • To optimize your own personal journey as a human and healer



  • Discover the history of psychedelic use in society and religious experiences.

  • How Shamans have used psychedelics in healing journeys

  • Learn how to properly and safely evaluate if a person is a good candidate for psychedelic support and the proper protocols to lead such a journey.

  • Experience the psychedelic world to fully understand the potentials that it offers in the applications of healing and promoting what I call a "full spectrum life" which embraces the totalilty of the human experience.


  • 1 night experiental study

  • 1 day outdoor experiental study

  •  Light organic snacks throughout

  •  Morning yoga stretching

  •  Swimming

  •  Nighttime Dark Sky viewing the universe

We will have a beautiful private retreat center for this exclusive training.  Your privacy is ensured.

If you would like to stay at the event there is an extra $400 for 2 nights. You have your own space.

We have space for 5 people first come/pay basis so please let us know early. 

You can also camp out pitch a tent in the backyard for $200 for 2 nights or stay in the desert or procure local lodging.
Only those staying at our retreat space can have access to the outside pool and all amentities provided. 

To apply for this training please apply below and send an email.  You will receive a confidential evaluation form to fill out and return as well as a personal consultation to futher evaluate if you are right for this training.

There is a $150 upfront fee for the evaluation which will be applied to your professional psychedelic training upon acceptance.

Once accepted the 3 day Psychedelic Insighter Training is $995.00

If you are staying with us please note that is extra and we do encourage you to stay as this is an experiential training

Total - $1395 with private accomodations. or $1195.00 with tent 

Apply below with $150 application fee.  Upon acceptance you will at that time remit balance of payment with cc after consultation.


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